Most important Product for a Good Night’s Sleep

Most people automatically think that the mattress is the most important product for getting a good night’s sleep.  While it is true that sleeping on a great mattress with proper support will help you sleep better it is not the only necessary product needed for getting a great night’s sleep.  The other important products are pillows, sheets, and the environment.  Sometimes we cannot control the environment, think kids and spouses that do not adhere to your sleeping schedule.  However, we can control the mattress, pillow, and sheets that we use.  People often elaborate on a great mattress that they experienced at a certain hotel.  They then often find out that the mattress was nothing special and it was in fact the sheets and pillows that were what created the memorable sleep experience.  As with the purchase of a new mattress you do not need to break the bank to purchase a good set of sheets and pillows.  But like a new mattress you should spend considerable time touching, feeling, and trying out a new set of sheets and pillows.  All three products are equally as important for getting a good night’s sleep so they should always be purchased in uni some.


About mattressdepotusa

David Smith is President and Founder of Mattress Depot USA. After spending 15 years working for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Wells Fargo Bank, David became involved with the mattress industry in 1998 after investing in a retail mattress store concept in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 2003 after being discontent with the local selection of retail mattress stores, David founded Mattress Depot USA in Seattle, Washington and has grown the specialty discount retail chain to 14 stores. Davids' mission is to educate everyone about the importance of consistent R.E.M. sleep, lifestyle and the products that help achieve sleep nirvana.
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